We are always moving. We get up. We go to work. We find a good place to eat. We play sports. We work hard. We travel. We walk. We run. We drive cars, bikes, horses, and every other form of transportation. We are always moving.

All these things are admirable, of course. It takes great bravery to move from one place to the next. It’s not easy to wake up and face a new day or to find your way in a new place. What’s more, at any point you can get in an accident, fall off your own horse, or simply get lost. Moving is not always easy, and those who do it anyway are courageous.

But just as much as moving should be applauded, I’d also like to recognize those who stay. It’s not always the popular opinion; staying connotes not doing anything about your life. Truly, though, there are times when it’s harder to just stop and stay:

It’s hard to stop for a friend who needed someone to talk to;

to stayĀ at home with your mom than go out partying;

to wait for the kind of love you deserve;

to stay in a relationship, when leaving could have been so much easier;

to wait for your husband to come home;

to stand your ground even when you’re pushed away;

to go to sleep with so much running through your mind;

to recognize that you need a break;

to stay and help those who need you;

to be grateful for and content with what you have;

to stay put and just let go of the uncontrollable.

Of course, both moving and staying have their proper times. There’s a right time to get your life in motion, and a right time to just allow it to unfold. As with all things in life, it’s a balance. But if for whatever reason you’re staying, stopping, or waiting, I want you to know that that’s okay, that you are perfectly fine. It’s may not be the most exciting or the most dynamic route, but staying requires its own kind of bravery. It takes as much effort for a weary body to move as it does a restless heart to stay put. You are just as strong and courageous. You are appreciated, and you are loved. Thank you for your perseverance, your persistence, and for your truckloads of patience. Thank you, for choosing to stay.


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