Please Don’t Fall in Love with Me

Hold it right there,
Please stay where you are,
Don’t come any closer,
Please don’t take my heart.

If you take it from me,
You know I won’t say no,
I know you’ll take care of it,
but I just can’t let it go.

Because it’s torn to pieces,
It’s been broken into bits,
You can’t take a heart that’s shattered,
You don’t deserve a heart like this.

If you take it now, it will be too weak,
Like a child of premature birth,
That kind of love will break us both,
And I know it’s going to hurt.

I can’t give it this way,
But I want to, I really do,
If only I could give my heart now,
You know I’d give it to you.

But please, allow me to fix it,
To make it whole again,
Fill in the empty spaces,
Make it better than it’s been.

Do you understand what I’m saying?
Will you wait for me, please?
Please don’t fall in love with me,
Not yet, at least.

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