Broken Leg, Broken Heart

Suddenly, there's not much difference. Image from

Suddenly, there’s not much difference. Image from

It is queer how a broken leg
Can be just like a broken heart,
The abrupt pain, the sudden fall,
The sudden pain that hit so hard.

You get bound and you get bandaged,
Then they tell you, “You’ll be okay,”
But then, the cast may be healing,
Still, somehow it won’t be the same.

At least, the pain is wearing off,
Mostly it doesn’t hurt so much,
But sometimes, the pain can shoot up,
Agony at the slightest touch.

And even when the pain subsides,
There’s a heavy load in its place,
A burden keeps holding you down,
Along with the tears to your face.

Then there’s that struggle of walking,
O dear, you must really miss that,
You try to stand and wobble but
Over and over, you fall flat.

You will have clutches to help you
There are people to guide your way,
The little things and people that
Are enough to brighten your day.

But you want to be strong again
And you know you’ve had quite enough
All the wobbling, falling, hurting
Will any of this ever stop?

Right now, my only wish is that,
One day it would not matter now
What matters is I fell and stand,
Despite the who, or why, or how.

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