The Benign and the Toxic

“Benign” can now be used to refer to an uneventful day at the clinic, or to an afternoon free of work and responsibilities. On the other hand, we use “toxic” after a busy night on duty, or when we’re dealing with a difficult exam, or when we have to do long, painstaking tasks. Many times, as we see a wider range of diseases, we tend to categorize them in these categories, too—from benign to toxic. 

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Dear Diary: Reading The Diary of a Young Girl

I recently read Diary of a Young Girl, a collection of diary entries written by Anne Frank and eventually published by her father, Otto Frank. Anne was a Jewish girl who kept a diary while she and her family were in hiding during the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands. In her entries, she wrote about their activities, struggles, joys, and frustration, just as all diaries do, but this time with the threat of war and capture as its backdrop. 

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Reader, I read Jane Eyre: A Jane Eyre Review

I’ve always dreamed of reading Jane Eyre. It sounds exactly like the sort of story I would enjoy — a coming-of-age tale of a girl with a tragic origin story who manages to find her way in life. It’s one of those classics that we always hear about but never actually read. And since I have Big Book Fear, Jane Eyre has been living peacefully on my bookshelf for close to ten years, just waiting for me to open it.

I promised myself that this would be the year that I would read Jane Eyre, and I finally did it.

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